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  • How long should my shipping take?
    We do our best to guarantee effecient shipping practices! Typical turnaround time for shipping takes an average of 3-4 business days for priority shipping. Please expect your Goaty to be shipped within a week of your order being received.
  • What are the standard shipping fees for USA orders?
    All US orders are a standard shipping and handling rate of $41. We do our absolute best to provide fair shipping rates as well as ensuring your Goaty arrives in perfect condition!
  • What do I do, if my Goaty's body starts to crack?"
    If you notice cracks starting to appear on Goaty's body, this is a natural occurrence of the wood that Goaty's body is made of. This should not be a cause for alarm and he should be just fine and continue to give you many years of goat tying practice.
  • What is Goaty's return policy?
    If you wish to return Goaty, please follow the procedures below: 1. Please call 775-397-2781 or email letting us know that you wish to return your Goaty. 2. You must contact us within 30 days of receiving Goaty. 3. Goaty must be in new condition in order to be returned. 4. Goaty's purchase price is the amount that will be refunded. 5. The actual cost of shipping Goaty to the customer will not be refunded or the cost for returning Goaty will not be refunded. We guarantee Goaty's workmanship for THREE years considering he is used under normal wear and tear conditions.
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